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For the common basis,

  • Standard velocity is 64 in the contest. Please make sure that the velocity means the middle of loudness, between mp and mf, moderato expression.
  • Standard tempo is the number that the set pieces indicated as Beat per Minute (BPM) in the beginning of the score. Please make sure that the tempo means the average of performance speed: in tempo, machinery, dead-pan and nominal performance if the whole performance completely keeps the tempo. We generally think that the value should be kept, but, intentional change of the standard tempo in your rendering maybe make surprising (occasionally amazing) effect to listeners.
  • It’s prefer that the generated performance expression are described with velocity and duration of Note-On/Off events.
  • Giving tempo message and using dumper pedal (Sustain 91) are available.
  • Don’t assign any program changes. All the channels that you’ll use should be played with the program change 0 (Acoustic Grand Piano).
  • Other control messages may be acceptable but we don’t assure even if unexpected performance occur for you.
  • Both of the MIDI format 0 and 1 are accepted.
  • The extension of the performance files must be “.MID” or “.mid”.

And for the Stage I,

  • Be able to assign multiple voices within 1 to 16 channels (except for Channel 10)
  • Avoid indicating the port number.

For the Stage II,

  • Strongly you should use only Channel 1 so that the Disklavier, which will be prepared at SMC-Rencon, can play your performances safely.
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